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From Nice Deb–Obama is threatening Egypt’s Military

July 2, 2013

Wow, just wow

The Obama administration is urging Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy to call early elections and has warned the Egyptian military that it risks losing U.S. aid if it carries out a military coup amid the political crisis, senior administration officials tell CNN.

At the same time, the officials stopped short of saying Morsy should step down immediately.

“We are saying to him, ‘Figure out a way to go for new elections,’” one senior official said. “That may be the only way that this confrontation can be resolved.”

Anyone who thinks that Obama isn’t completely and utterly in the tank for Da Hood is willfully blind.  He has no problem with a U.S. friendly soft-dictator getting the boot, but if the organization that spawned Al-Qaeda is threatened, our president threatens to pull the plug on the billions in aid!

Walid Showbat, who I happen to agree with, maintains that this time, there will be blood.  I think that even if Morsi is defeated, he or his thugs will do what they did for decades under Mubarak—lie low and survive until they can pounce on opportunity. 

i still can’t figure out why Da Hood, after being so clever, prematurely jumped the gun when all they had to do was incrementally tighten the Sharia screws.

Look at Turkey…almost 10 years went by without any real protests and now the people are finding that the military is not really behind them.  Erdogan did it right.  Morsi was impatient.