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Support Traditional Marriage? You Don’t Deserve a Job!

April 6, 2014

The Left’s claims of tolerance often fall when confronted by someone who disagrees with them.  They view any disagreement as intolerance, which must be met with the most intolerant hate and vitriol.

William Saletan wrote an article in Slate (I won’t link  to increase his traffic)   entitled “Purge the Bigots”.  The subtitle is “Let’s oust everyone who donated to  the campaign against gay marriage.”

“Purge” is not a harmless word.  The first definition listed under “purge” is “to get rid of opponents;  to remove opponents or people considered undesirable from a state or organization.”

Besides forced emigration, which I’ll give Saletan the benefit of the doubt that he would not support (I hope), he is explicitly endorsing the latter part of the definition.  He provides a link in his article of all of the donors who gave to the Proposition 8 campaign which passed in California.  Proposition 8 was a state amendment that made marriage (state sanctioned) between a man and woman.  Of course, this is what it has always been, but the homosexual activists had successfully changed that definition in other states.  Proposition 8 was passed in order to preserve the definition of historical marriage.

Civil unions between homosexuals would still be legal, with its attendant tax and judicial benefits.  But Proposition 8 was pegged by homosexual activists as “homophobic” and “bigoted” because it would not allow homosexuals to change the definition of marriage to include them.

Per Dennis Prager, homosexuals account for 3 percent of the population.  According to a Pew research poll, 60% of homosexual respondents were currently married or wanted to get married.  52% were ambivalent or against marriage.  So, about 1.5% of the population dictates what the 98.5% of the population must accept regarding marriage.

Saletan is agitating for the many people who supported traditional marriage to lose their livelihoods.  And he has provided the means to do it with a link to the complete list.

Such intolerance should be shunned by all.  As a supporter of traditional marriage, I am chilled to the core.

There are a few on the Left who are uncomfortable with such intolerance, but their voices are being drowned out by the cacophony of homosexual activists willing to actively hurt those who disagree with them.

As Saletan put it:  “If we’re serious about taking down corporate officers who supported Proposition 8, and boycotting employers who promote them, we’d better get cracking on the rest of the list. Otherwise, perhaps we should put down the pitchforks.”

Pitchforks, indeed.