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Hey, I kinda like this new Egyptian government…

March 10, 2014

1.  They have killed or imprisoned the Muslim Brotherhood…with gusto!  And- bonus points- they don’t apologize to the liberal Western media who are wailing and gnashing their teeth about Da Hood’s demise.

2.  The interim government (the military) resigned after a 15 minute meeting.  That’s getting things done!  First on the agenda…we all resign.  Second the motion?  Great, we’re adjourned until forever.  It of course is a power play for el-Sisi, but hey, at least they get things done.

3.  They don’t hesitate to jail Al-Jazeera “journalists”.  Al-jazeera has been caught using stringers who work with/for terrorists, fudging the truth in favor of terrorists and having a correspondent who moonlighted as a courier for al-qaeda.   If Osama bin Laden made a tape, you could be sure Al-Jazeera would air it.  Here’s a cartoon they ran inciting the insurgency in Iraq to go after U.S. personnel.

Friendly note to Al-Jazeera…if you get women to hold up signs proclaiming the innocence of your correspondents, try to dress them like the the one on the left, not the one on the right.  Just a friendly suggestion.


BUT….Christians are still being marginalized, persecuted, and killed in Egypt.  Two thousand years of Christian history may be coming to an end as copts are fleeing for their lives.  It doesn’t appear this new government cares much about them.