Tribute to the Great Margaret Thatcher

For me, the most memorable moment of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership was when our own president, George H.W. Bush, lost his nerve when confronted by an aggressive Iraq in 1991. She met with George and in so many words told him to stop being such a wimp.  Britain would have America’s back.  It is my view that without the Iron Lady, we would have shrunk from kicking Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

More importantly, she spearheaded the fight against the Soviet Empire.  Before Margaret Thatcher, almost everyone believed the Soviet Union undefeatable.  My father and I never believed that the Soviet Union would be defeated in our lifetimes.  She bravely stood against communism, unflinchingly resolute.  She gave the critical support Ronald Reagan needed.  The words that Margaret Thatcher spoke gave hope to dissidents languishing in gulags and tortured by the KGB.  Liberals who derided these two great leaders have to reconcile their abandonment of those brave Russians who they refused to support.

As I read the tributes from world leaders, I was shocked how few mentioned her brilliant defeat of the Soviet Union.  But there were some leaders who did mention it… her old foes.

From Miriam Elder:  “There are few things Russian officialdom respects more than a strong leader and, to them, Margaret Thatcher was it. It was Krasnaya Zvezda, the Red Army’s newspaper, that dubbed her the “Iron Lady” in a 1977 article. The title stuck around. The Soviet Union didn’t.”

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Communist deputy Leonid Kalashnikov said: “She is the greatest woman, the greatest politician – as an opponent, I always respected her.”

“And how she, with the Americans ‘strangled’ the Soviet Union is also worth quite a lot – because she did it correctly, logically and in their own interests,” he said. “Our men-politicians need to learn from her, how to stand up for the national interests of your country,” he said.

What a lady!  We’ll miss you, Baroness Thatcher.  I hope she and Ronald share a few well-deserved pats on the back from the many, many patriots in Russia, Great Britain, and the United States who gave their lives to destroy the Communist Empire.

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One Response to “Tribute to the Great Margaret Thatcher”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thanks for the tribute to another amazing woman who is a great example for us all.

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