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Interesting inside look at Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

December 14, 2012

This article by Ziad Akl gives the reader a good sense of what it’s like to be a minority (non-Muslim Brotherhood) in today’s Egypt.

Last week cannot be called anything other than a big mess. Ever since the Brotherhood took office, we have been reaping one misfortune after the other. From political exclusion to cracking down on freedom of speech, regular power cuts to tragic train accidents, blatant lies about achievements to outright hate speech and from false electoral promises to vulgar dictatorial decrees; the Muslim Brotherhood has worked hard to make sure we don’t miss a thing from the Mubarak years.

Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood, after keeping their heads down for many decades to survive, have decided that now is the time for them to come out of the political closet and let loose the hounds of war—a war on secularists, Christians, or anyone who doesn’t agree with their implementation of Sharia law.

The struggle now is on the street with religious and political violence manifesting in rocks thrown and guns fired. The Muslim Brotherhood is no longer satisfied with merely supporting the president; they have moved to personally punishing every individual who dares disagree with their president.

Christian Copts have been fleeing the country in droves.  Christians are becoming extinct in many Muslim countries. And do you blame them for running away?  Under Sharia law, they are legally second-class citizens. 

Where is our government standing up for the Christians tortured and slaughtered in Muslim countries? 

Even left-leaning Human Rights Watch mentions the plight of Coptic Christians, but reveals demure naivete in failing to mention the common thread to these Christian-persecuting countries—Sharia law!