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Fallout from the 2012 election

November 7, 2012

So Mitt lost…

I am genuinely surprised, though not as surprised as with the asinine Supreme Court (in)decision on Obamacare.

To summarize:  Since FDR no president has been reelected with such a high unemployment rate.

This is telling.

I believe we have crossed the tipping point of those who receive government benefits (public sector unions, welfare recipients, or the myriad companies that thrive with government largesse) exceeding those who produce through their own industry.  The endgame is not a happy one.

If Barack Obama can win with a disastrous four years and nothing to show for it, then ANY pro government candidate can win.

An associate of mine who has union ties said that voting against Obama would be like voting for a decrease in her family’s income.  I wonder how many millions of families believe that.

This make Scott Walker’s victory all the more perplexing:

How could the nation see his bold and unswerving stance against public sector unions and watch him win a recall election handily and then watch his state go from the red into the black?  What sane person would say his election and courageous decisions to curtail outrageous public pensions did not have at least SOME influence on the striking reversal of his state’s financial status?  And yet, they choose Obama again, after four years of economic misery unseen since the Great Depression?

Could it be that Mitt Romney’s milquetoast platform wasn’t different enough from Obama’s to convince the fence sitters that this was truly something to get excited about?  Eric at Redstate seems to think so.  I myself could not figure out exactly what Mitt would do if elected, although it would clearly be infinitely better than the alternative…

…which is what we have now.

I’m starting to wonder if a majority of people believe that government money is eternal and without consequence.  And if so, who in their right mind would vote against freebies?  I mean really.  Free stuff?

At least my pronouncement of doom will not be threatened.  It will be interesting to see how the lame stream media try to avoid discussion for another four years of any bad news on the economic front or our built-in doom—the impossible-to-pay-back debt.

And now we’ll get to see the slow transformation of healthcare into Obamacare in the next four years.  I wonder how folks will like it.

Who is that John Galt fella?


Update:  Just spoke with a trusted friend who has many non-mormon conservative friends and she attributed much of the depressed turnout to the fact that Romney is a Mormon.

I can buy that.